Kand you someone who had Covid (or a mandatory “preventive” drug) and was never the same? Maybe they are constantly exhausted. They may have lost a large part of their short-term memory. They may have to constantly search for words in the back of their minds when they speak. Maybe you are that person. There is a name for it. It’s Long Covid, writes

And finally, these long-term effects are starting to be recognized.

What is Long Covid?

Dr. Peter McCullough has been sharing uncomfortable truths about Covid 19, its treatment and alleged prevention since the crisis emerged in 2020.

One of those truths is about “post-COVID syndrome” or “Long-COVID,” where people report symptoms of the virus weeks, months, or even years after infection. Please note: Although serious cases make headlines, many more people are suspected of having minor lingering symptoms that can be traced back to an initial infection. Dr. Indeed, McCullough reports:

About half of patients hospitalized with acute COVID-19 mainly in 2020 and 2021 had post-COVID symptoms for weeks afterwards… It’s reassuring for patients suffering from post-COVID or “long-COVID” that it is not all in their heads, the pathophysiology points to persistence of Spike protein in the blood which is pathogenic and likely to cause tissue/organic damage with associated symptoms.

Because COVID-19 mRNA vaccines further burden the body with genetic code and more Spike protein, vaccination is likely to worsen post-COVID syndromes despite increasing antibodies to the Spike protein. I have found claims that vaccination reduces lung COVID syndromes to be unsubstantiated in biased publications promoting vaccines.”

Even worse, Dr. McCullough reports that the persistent presence of the spike protein in vitro can be transmitted to others. This can cause new symptoms or worsen existing symptoms:

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“In the most comprehensive article on shedding to date, former Inserm researcher Dr. Helene Banoun has published the basis for which it is highly likely that mRNA, either on lipid nanoparticles or within exosomes, circulates in the blood and is secreted in every body secretion which you would naturally expect to contain particles of this size.”

Spike proteins can remain in your body after illness as well as after the mRNA vaccines. Not everyone is affected by these spike proteins in the same way. For some people it doesn’t cause any problems. For others, the effects can be devastating.

What are some of the symptoms of Long Covid?

Even the CDC acknowledges the effects of Long Covid, although they don’t mention any issues related to the vaccine aftermath. In fact, they still recommend that people get it. But we can find a list of symptoms there:

General symptoms (not a comprehensive list)

  • Fatigue or tiredness that hinders daily life
  • Symptoms that worsen after physical or mental exertion (also known as “post-exertional malaise”)
  • Fever

Respiratory and cardiac symptoms

  • Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
  • Cough
  • Chest pain
  • Rapidly beating or pounding heart (also known as palpitations)

Neurological symptoms

  • Difficulty thinking or concentrating (sometimes called “brain fog”)
  • Headache
  • Sleep problems
  • Dizziness when you stand up (light-headedness)
  • A tingling feeling
  • Change in smell or taste
  • Depression or anxiety

Digestive symptoms

  • Diarrhea
  • Stomach ache

Other symptoms

  • Joint or muscle pain
  • Rash
  • Changes in the menstrual cycle

If you still have such unexplained symptoms months or years after Covid treatment, you may be dealing with the effects of these spike proteins remaining in your system.

  De COVID-19 vaccinaties: desinformatie en gewetenloosheid tot in het extreme

Unfortunately, there are no tests (at this time) you can do to get a clear answer. There are no medications specifically designed for this problem. Going to your doctor may or may not be productive, depending on how willing they are to accept that spike proteins cause long-term problems.

What can you do about this spike protein?

According to some studies, the spike protein that causes these problems doesn’t just go away. It needs to be detoxified from your body.

Fortunately, solutions are on the way. According to McCullough, the best-known defense against spike protein is a daily dose of over-the-counter nattokinase , an enzyme that was shown in early studies to dissolve spike protein in the bloodstream.

“Nattokinase is an enzyme produced by fermenting soybeans with the bacterium Bacillus subtilis var. natto and is available as an oral supplement. It breaks down fibrinogen, factor VII, cytokines and factor VIII and has been studied for cardiovascular benefits. Of all available therapies that I have used in my practice and of all the proposed detoxification agents, I believe that nattokinase and related peptides hold the greatest promise for patients at this time.”

Dr. Peter McCullough and his team designed a supplement. In The Wellness Company’s Spike Support Formula you will find:

Nattokinase (enzyme that demonstrably dissolves spike protein)  

Dandelion root (may prevent spike protein from binding to cells)   

Selenium (helps the body repair itself)   

Black sativa extract (may promote cellular repair)   

Green tea extract (provides additional defense at the cellular level by neutralizing free radicals)   

Irish sea moss (can help rebuild damaged tissue and muscle)   

Lord Dr. McCullough discusses how nattokinase works to attack the spike protein that causes so many problems:

  Steeds meer Duitse artsen stappen eruit: Slechts één op de drie praktijken biedt nog COVID-19 vaccinaties aan

A detoxification protocol was also published in the American medical literature.

According to the Wellness Company, purchasing all the components of the Spike Support Formula would cost over $100 – you can save 36% with the unique formula designed by Dr. McCullogh and his team.

Another thing you can do is talk to a doctor at The Wellness Company and get the right medical care for your Long Covid symptoms or other spike protein related issues. These are doctors who believe the problem exists – they won’t shake their heads and condescendingly tell you to stay off the internet.

I personally see a Wellness Company doctor for lingering issues that have persisted since I was extremely sick with Covid while living in Mexico. Members (only $10 per month) receive a discounted rate for telehealth visits and supplements. They have real protocols and real treatments. Some require pharmaceutical intervention, while others may adjust their diet and add supplements.

Getting professional help is a big change. These types of symptoms can turn your entire life upside down, especially those related to cognition and fatigue.

Have you suffered from Long Covid?

Have you experienced long-term problems after having Covid or getting the vaccine? Have any of your loved ones had problems? Can you tell us? And have you found any form of relief or treatment?

Let’s talk about it in the comments section.

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    Long-covid is hypochondrie en heeft identiek dezelfde symptomen als andere ingebeelde ziekten zoals hypersensitiviteit aan elektrosmog en als chronisch vermoeidheidsyndroom. Hypochondrie; het zit tussen de oren.

    • Niet generaliseren PJ,

      Er zit klaarblijkelijk wat tè weinig tussen jouw oren. Een veld met koeien hier in La Douce kreeg een mast voor mobiele telefoon als buur. Ruim 50 koeien overleden in een zeer korte tijd. Expertise wees uit dat dit door de elektromagnetische straling van de zendmast werd veroorzaakt. Maar elektrosmog bestaat niet hoor. Echt niet, het betrof waarschijnlijk hypochondrische koeien. 😉

    • Verdomd, bij mij ook. Arme Rommel. De man moet grijze haren hebben als hij ze nog niet heeft uitgerukt van wanhoop. Het zal vast iets kleins zijn, de site is verder snel en doet wat tie moet doen. Maar nu inderdaad in het Engels.

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  4. “Long-Covid” is wat het geinjecteerde ‘medicijn’ teweeg brengt en heeft niks met een niet-bestaand “virus” te maken!

    De effecten van dat ‘medicijn’ zijn trouwens niet te onderscheiden van de effecten van de enorme luchtverontreiniging die we continue inademen, net als de symptomen van (w)elk influenza- of griep- “virus” dat nooit aangetoond is! Duitse wetenschappers hebben enkele jaren geleden al aangetoond dat door de vervuiling meer dan 10 miljoen mensen sterven, elk jaar! En de studies daarover blijven het steeds meer bevestigen!

  5. De Helios Kliniek in Leisnig (Duitsland) liet vier long covid patiënten (waarvan drie vanwege de long covid niet meer in staat om te werken) zes dagen lang 7,5 mg. nicotine pleisters gebruiken. Alle long covid symptomen waren na gebruik van de pleisters binnen drie weken bij alle vier patiënten verdwenen, en bleven ook weg zolang de nacontrole liep (een half jaar). Dr Marco Leitzke heeft deze resultaten in januari van dit jaar gepubliceerd in het medische tijdschrift Bioelectronic Medicine en hij biedt tevens een verklaring voor de werking van nicotine: het zou de spike eiwitten verdrijven van de geblokkeerde nicotine acetylcholine receptoren, omdat nicotine een veel hogere affiniteit heeft met die receptoren dan de spike eiwitten. Als die receptoren weer normaal gaan werken, herstelt dat de normale energie huishouding. Dr. Bryan Ardis, die ijverig de literatuur doorzoekt naar relevante informatie over covid en vaccinatieschade, kreeg de publicatie toegestuurd en geeft hier ruchtbaarheid aan via zijn website (De Dr Ardis show) en via informatieprogramma’s. Dr. Ardis gebruikt zelf dagelijks nicotinepleisters om besmetting met spike eiwitten via shedding of anderszins tegen te gaan.

  6. nu moet je mij dat niet kwalijk nemen maar iemand met een beetje intellectueel niveau zou op ze minst toch in staat moeten zijn een eerder eenvoudig engels tekstje te lezen en te begrijpen ….denk ik dan


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